Attention: Horse riders looking to feel fit, fabulous and confident in 2023...

Ride Fit & Fabulous Challenge!

The slim down, tone up and Confidence Quest for horse riders!


5th - 7th June 2023 @ 6PM GMT

Discover Your Inner Radiance

Join the ride Fit and Fabulous Challenge for a 3-Day slim down, tone up and Confidence Transformation!

See How the Ride Fit and Fabulous Challenge has the power to Improve your health and horse riding...

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A world-Renowned certified health coach for riders...

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About Karzan Hughes

Karzan delivers the most complete health, fitness and life coaching to equestrians around the world.

His mission is to deliver high impact and value without leaving you feeling confused or let down. Instead his clients feel empowered, confident and satisfied with their progress.

His client testimonials and proof of methods offer you the chance to achieve total health and fitness transformation which encompasses the mind, body and soul.

Karzan champions body positivity, holistic health, and a concept of being fit for life. The key to long-term transformation is built through small changes over time.

His coaching philosophy incorporates 'The 7 Pillars of Health Lifestyle Needs' and 'The 4 Principles of Equestrian Fitness' for empowering transformation.

When Karzan met Jay Shetty - the #1 health podcast in the world

celebrate the amazing client results...

Morgan lost almost 9kg (20lbs) with just a few changes, hitting a 5k daily step count and riding once a week!

"I could accomplish my goals without having to do an impossible diet or restrict myself in life"

... and more!

Rebecca lost 20cm off her hips and 10cm off her waist line whilst working in a high-stress professional job!

"Thanks to you I believed in myself"

Coaching for riders around the world in all disciplines!

"I could accomplish my goals without having to do an impossible diet or restrict myself in life"

Morgan, USA

"Karzan helped me to make better decisions about my nutrition without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable"

Mollie, Australia

"I could carry on doing this for the rest of my life"

Ankie, Netherlands

"As a psychologist/coach myself, I can recognize a good coach and I am happy to have found him"

Konzi, Switzerland

"He has changed my views on how I see myself and how I view everything. I do not work towards perfection anymore, but progression"

Maritha, Norway

What You will learn!


Day 1: Foundation and Mindset

Secret #1: Effortlessly set your goals, master your mindset, and get started on the journey to achieve the health you want for you and your horse!

You'll walk away from today having learned...

  • Goal-setting! How to set up winning goals that empower you to flourish
  • Mindset mastery and the number one reason why diets fail (and why it might not be what you're thinking)
  • Knowing where to start and ultimately get started!

Day 2: Nutrition and Fitness

Secret #2: Avoid the nutrition mistakes that keeps you trapped in the yo-yo diets, take hold of your emotional eating, and find the best way to burn calories all day long!

You'll walk away from today having learned...

  • ​Understand the basics of bulletproof nutrition and stop falling back into old ways
  • The biggest beliefs that are getting in the way of your progress and how to overcome emotional eating
  • Energising workouts that boost your metabolism and get you burning calories all day long

Day 3: Transformation and Empowerment

Secret #3: The Real SECRET For long term success, unlocking a new level of body Confidence, and strategies to becoming fit for life!

You'll walk away from today having learned...

  • ​Boosting your confidence and self-esteem and celebrating personal achievements
  • How to make training at home ​a success and what you can do to improve this
  • Creating a sustainable post-challenge plan and understanding the mind-body connection

Discover a Healthier, Happier You Today!

Reclaim Your Confidence and Embrace Your Best Self


Break the Cycle of Self-Doubt, Achieve Your Dream Body, and Revel in the Unmatched Glow of Unshakable Confidence

This Is Literally The BEST Time To Improve Your health, fitness and Horse Riding Forever... And ultimately Build The Bond With Your Horse That You've Always Wanted!

Here's everything you get when you sign up for the...

Ride Fit & Fabulous Challenge!

The slim down, tony up and Confidence Quest for horse riders!

  • ​  FREE! THREE jam-packed hours of learning how to lose weight, build your body confidence and and create long-lasting health so that you can have a lifetime of good health with your horse!
  • ​  FREE! Access to our private Equestrian Fitness community, where you can share wins, ask questions, collect more insight and breakthroughs, and be inspired! There will be competitions and challenges throughout this programme!
  • ​  FREE! The secret tools to hack your metabolism, mindset and nutrition which will give you the confidence and strategy to strive for better health and find the next level in your riding!

"leading the way in Equestrian fitness and helping equestrians achieve their best health for a lifetime with horses."

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