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A 12-week, coaching programme that will guide you through the unique 3 Phases of Transformation: The Baseline Mode (1-4), The Racing Mode (5-8), & The Cruising Mode (9-12).

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What you will learn:

  • Discover the signature, 12-Week, Equestrian HoloBody Programme which guides you in your own journey to improve your health and horse riding
  • The 7 Pillars of Health Lifestyle Needs: Nutrient Richness, Movement Mastery, Sound Sleep, Inner Stillness, Deep Connection, Sync With Nature, & Sense of Purpose - so that you can show up for your horse in the best possible way
  • ​​The 4 Principles of Equestrian Fitness: Strength, Endurance, Mobility & Core Stability to become a more complete horse rider
  • ​Navigate the 3 Phases of Transformation to build momentum and avoid burnout so that you have the skills for life
  • Save your time and energy from constantly trying the next '​big thing'. You will condense decades of scientific knowledge into just 12 weeks
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what clients are saying about karzan hughes

Morgan, USA

"I could accomplish my goals without having to do an impossible diet or restrict myself in life."

Morgan feels healthier and happier than ever before without falling into the traps of fad diets or gimmick programmes, so that she can continue to become a successful horse rider.

Morgan, USA

Ankie, Europe1

"I could carry on doing this for the rest of my life."

Ankie built a new routine which was focused around developing more symmetry and core stability in the saddle. This fitted seamlessly around a demanding career and busy family life without having to compromise on her priorities.

Ankie, Europe

Mollie, Australia

"Karzan helped me to make better decisions about my nutrition without feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable."

Mollie learned the simple and achievable ways to lose weight so that she can feel ready for a successful future with her young horse.

Mollie, Australia

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Frequently asked questions


What does HoloBody mean?

Holo means holistic. Body means you. This is a holistic approach to your health and fitness which delivers long-lasting transformational results and has been carefully designed for equestrians.

How does it work?

Your health and fitness journey will move through the 3 Phases of Transformation. Each week there is something new to consider and learn. The programme will take you on a steady climb where you build on everything you have learned without feeling over-whelmed in the process. 

What if I can't make the Live sessions?

Every session will be recorded and you can submit your questions in advance of the session. Typically, the coaching sessions will be around 8PM GMT (UK Time).

What if I'm not 100% satisfied?

In the unlikely event you're not 100% satisfied, then let me know by email within the first 30 days and you will receive a full refund


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*In the unlikely event you're not 100% satisfied,  you can request a full refund in the first 30 days 

limited spaces for this lowest price ever

Full launch price $2,497

  • ​The Signature, 12-Week, Equestrian HoloBody Programme. Get industry-leading coaching with Karzan which includes 12 weekly coaching calls live on Zoom
  • ​Achieve total health when you learn about The 7 Pillars of Health Lifestyle Needs: Nutrient Richness, Movement Mastery, Sound Sleep, Inner Stillness, Deep Connection, Sync With Nature, Sense of Purpose. ​So that you can achieve total health
  • ​Train smarter with The 4 Principles of Equestrian Fitness: Strength, Endurance, Mobility & Core Stability
  • FREE access to the personalised trainer app
  • FREE access to training videos
  • ​​Private access to your exclusive coaching community
  • ​BONUS #1: Pre-sale access to the 28 Day Core Stability Habit online course exclusively designed to improve your core stability over 4 weeks (pre-sale). Worth $997

Full launch price $2,497

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+ 100% satisfaction or your money back*

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16Days 16Hours: 33Minutes

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VIP Experience: Balanced Body, Balanced Ride Challenge
VIP Experience: Balanced Body, Balanced Ride Challenge
The Exclusive VIP Experience for the Balanced Body, Balanced Ride Challenge.
The 30-Day Core Stability Habit For Equestrians
The ultimate core stability programme designed to improve your horse riding, so that you can feel more balanced and symmetrical in the saddle, without getting overwhelmed or confused by complicated workout plans.
Health and fitness coaching specifically designed for equestrians delivered in selected groups for maximum horse riding performance, and heath & fitness transformation.
Elite Coaching
A fully personalised health and fitness coaching experience for equestrians who want ultimate transformation and Level Up their horse riding delivered in a carefully designed exclusive group.
Equestrian Fit, Toned and Balanced Programme
The Signature 12-week, Equestrian Fit, Toned and Balanced Programme
Core Stability For Equestrians - No Equipment
Swiss Ball For Equestrians
BOSU Balance Training For Equestrians
Complete Core Stability eBook Trilogy
The complete core stability trilogy: Core Stability with No Equipment, Swiss Ball for Equestrians, and Advanced Core Stability with the Balance Trainer
VIP Experience: Fit & Fabulous Challenge
Your VIP ticket for the Fit & Fabulous Challenge
Challenge Special! - 6 Months Coaching
Fit & Fabulous Challenge Special Offer
Elite 1:1 Coaching - 12 Months
Fit & Fabulous Challenge Elite 1:1 Offer
Coaching Club
Pre-Pay To Save Extra 20%
12 months of the world's best coaching for riders to improve your health, fitness and horse riding. Invest, save and be rewarded today! Achieve your equestrian fitness and health dreams with a world renowned coach Karzan
Core Calibration Challenge
A 12-week Core Calibration Challenge

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"leading the way in Equestrian fitness and helping equestrians achieve their best health for a lifetime with horses."


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